A Diet to Lower Cholesterol and Lose Weight

cholesterol and weight reducing diet

If you have high cholesterol levels above 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood and are overweight, do not hesitate, you have to adopt a diet to lower high cholesterol and control your weight. This will greatly improve your quality of life, fighting high cholesterol, obesity (read more at weightofthenation.org) and other related diseases, they can cause. To lower cholesterol and weight you have to follow a proper diet, which consists of a caloric distribution of a 55% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 25% fat.

Caloric distribution of a cholesterol and weight reducing diet

– The carbohydrates that should be eaten are called complex carbohydrates, ie whole grains. Reduce or avoid simple carbohydrates (sugars, sweets, cakes, creams, etc.).
– As for proteins, they play an essential role in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. You should preferably consume sea fish 3 times a week, white meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey, etc.) 2 times a week, and reduce the consumption of beef to only 2 times a week and that without visible fat.
– Finally, the fat should be unsaturated, omega 3 or 6. Limit saturated fat found in animal fats and products that are made with them such as butter, cream, etc.

Selecting foods for a diet to lose pounds and cholesterol

  • Milk: Skim, liquid or powder.
  • Cheese: spreadable low-fat, skim ricotta, mozzarella (not necessary skimmed, because it is harder to find, this is one of the less fatty cheeses). Avoid grated cheeses or very hard cheeses, the harder is the cheese, more fat and salt it has.
  • Egg: Use it for making puddings, meringues, etc. Include it 3 times per week in your diet, it can be consumed as a replacement of a portion of meat.
  • Fish and Meat: As mentioned above, remember fish 3 times a week, white meat 2 times per week, beef 2 times per week. Prepare them baked, broiled or grilled, fried foods are not recommended.
  • Vegetables: all you want, cruciferous and leafy veggies are the best, the more you eat the better because they are high in fiber, ideal to help lower cholesterol, since fiber drags cholesterol in the intestine, and less caloric, ideal to help lose weight. Only potato, sweet potato, and corn should be consumed at a rate of 1 every week and can be used as a replacement for cereals. The remaining vegetables eat them without restriction.
  • Cereals: all whole, because of their high fiber content. Choose pasta made with whole grains, brown rice, whole grains or mixture used common flour with whole wheat flour. As for the bread, whole of course. As for the cookies, they have a high sugar and fat content and in many cases are trans or saturated fats, beware! Try to avoid them, they are a temptation, you start with 1, after 10 minutes without realizing it you ate the package.
  • Oils: olive, sunflower, grape, canola or soybean. Do not use oils mixtures for cooking; just use them to dress salads, purees or any other preparation, but do not use them for cooking.
  • Drink: preferably water (2 liters), natural fruit juices, diet or light juices, 0% sugar soda. Wine only 1 to 2 glasses of red wine per day.
  • Condiments: all aromatic. However, use salt sparingly.
  • Sugar: Use sweetener.
  • Sweets: Avoid them, because your body will use as an energy source, instead of fatty substances deposit.

This selection of food will be very helpful in making your menu for hypercholesterolemia and overweight.

To complementing this diet for high cholesterol and overweight, you should consider performing aerobic physical activity regularly, for 30-40 minutes three times in the week.